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PostSubject: DESTINY !   Mon Apr 25, 2016 4:18 am

It's early morning when she comes home.

Her jeans break against her knees and her mouth feels dry. It's been a long night. She's seen a lot of people, fourteen on her list and another five questioning her patience because they tried to fucking escape. It makes her head spin a little and she struggles into her apartment, kicking her shoes off by the door and tossing bag right next to them.

"Hello?" she says. The empty room says nothing back and she checks her watch. She’s home a little earlier than expected; she thinks she might just have time for a shower. "Anyone there?” she calls, again with no response. She shrugs, then after a moment she hears the excited padding of feet on the tiles. “Hi, baby,” she coos at the bloodhound, stroking the soft folds of his ears as he nuzzles his nose into the crook of her neck, licking her face aimlessly. She giggles and points towards the kitchen, whispering softly, “go on, boy, I’ll make you some dinner.

She stands. Her fingers curl in her shirt and she peels it over her head, tossing it into the doorway of her bedroom. She turns and examines the bruise on her hip, her fingers spraying over her skin. It's flushed, starting to turn an ugly shade of gray and green. She doesn't remember how she got it, but it's there and she probably should go and crawl into the shower before she sleeps for the rest of her life.

She peels off her jeans then, moving back into the kitchen in nothing but her underwear. The strap of her bra starts to slide down her arm and she reaches into the fridge for a bottle of water.

"You know --"

Paige freezes.

"If you wanted my attention, you could just-- "

"Fuck," she snarls, "do you know how to knock?"

She doesn’t recognize him, but the mossy green aura he gave off confirmed that he was one of Lucifer’s lackeys. She grimaces. Peanut grumbles obnoxiously at the sign of an intruder, standing stiffly between the two. Immediately the shower is forgotten and she steps around the kitchen to the fridge, grabbing two bottles. She skids one across the table at him, barely missing his stomach as he lurches to catch it.

He frowns. "Thanks. Late night?” He asks, gesturing to her lack of clothing. His eyes are dark and his mouth slants into a frown.

She should get a shirt. But as if Peanut reads her mind, her button down is on her lap, and then over her head, and she's sort of stuck between hitting this guy and watching him struggle with the bottle cap because she can’t decide which is more satisfying.

"What do you want?" she warns breathlessly. She watches him attempt to open the water bottle. "I'm really too tired to talk right now."

"Alright.” He shrugs uncaringly. “Boss wants you to read this, then get it done before 0500." He puts a thin file on the counter.

Paige glances at the clock on her wall. "That’s in seventy minutes!” she protests. The bloodhound whines softly onto her feet. “I usually get at least four hours; can’t he extend it?

“I got it a couple of hours ago, but I wanted to grab a drink or two from the bar down this street first, so I was late.” He shrugs. “Sorry,” he adds as an afterthought.

Asshole.” She breathes, and she makes a mental note to never visit that roadhouse again. “I’ve been awake for twenty-six hours," she defends, uselessly.

His eyes narrow. "Not my problem. Read this, sort it out.

A sigh rumbles through her frame. “Fine.” Then, gathering up enough strength to look vaguely threatening, she bites, “now get out of my house.

He nods, and then he’s gone in a split second. She feels something wet nudge at her thigh and she looks down in dejection.

"Oh, honey,” she sighs, "when will they let us rest?” Her dog licks her hand lazily in return.

It takes her a minute to come to terms that she's got more work to do, and she moves towards the counter to flick the coffee machine on and pick up the file, flicking through it resignedly. After gathering enough about the case, she pours a drink into a travel cup (she makes sure to add twice the amount of sugar, she’s not in the mood for any stupid dieting) and pulls her jeans back on. Her shirt tucks haphazardly into the front as she tries to grab her car keys and have something to drink. She whistles sharply toward her bedroom and watches as the dog trots towards her. Paige mumbles an apology into his fur as she kneels down to put a harness on.

We wont be too long, sweetheart.” She scratches behind his ears gently and he grumbles happily in return. “Can you act sick for me, baby?” Paige asks, and Peanut whines compliantly into her arms. She whispers a quick good boy and walks him out of the complex.

She makes it to the vets in just under forty minutes, leaving another twenty to sort her case out. Nothing like leaving it to the last fucking minute, she thinks, and curses the idiot lackey in her head. By the time they’ve made it there, she’s only had half of her coffee and the rest of it is cold. Paige finds herself blaming this vet guy for it, too. Not like it’s her fault that he’s been ‘chosen’ and she has to take time out of her sleeping schedule for this. She thinks of waking up in four hours and grimaces, her head already starting to ache. Her hand grips her mug in discomfort.

She makes it inside the surgery with fifteen minutes to spare, and there’s actually a fucking line at the desk. Like, it’s half four in the morning and there’s about six people waiting in line to get their pets checked out. She glances around desperately, kind of angry because she hates being left in the lurch like this and not having enough time to prepare for shit like this to happen.

"Peanut," Paige mumbles gloomily. The dark circles under her eyes are apparent and she doesn’t need a mirror to see how bloodshot her eyes are. "Go," she waves her hand around, then points at the floor, " – do your thing! Scare them a little."

Sensing Paige’s impatience, Peanut lets out a strangled howl, dropping to his paws and rolling on his side, whining loudly. A young girl in pale blue scrubs appears from around a corner and immediately sits next to him. After checking over him for a moment, she turns to Paige.

What is the matter with him?

Paige takes a deep breath then quickly starts to cry, streaming off sentence after sentence in thick, unintelligible Spanish, her hands flailing while a few tears run down her cheeks.

Ah, do you-” the girl turns towards another similarly dressed man unrolls a mat beside Peanut and gently lays him onto it, “should I get Dr. Daniels?

The man nods and then glances at Paige. “Miss, follow me?” he says awkwardly. He motions with his hand and wraps his arms around Peanut, settling him onto a trolley.

Paige shadows their leaving figures, sniffling quietly behind until they reach a door labeled DR. NOAH DANIELS. The vets huddle around Peanut as they walk in, and Paige hopes he isn’t feeling too confined.

After a short moment waiting, a familiar figure walks in and Paige feels her body sag with relief, partly pleased that this entire case wasn’t some huge fucking set up (to her, the whole thing is a joke and she never wants to relive these moments; she just wants to sleep for about two weeks instead). A few questions are thrown around and Paige feels it’s a good moment to start up again, so she begins obnoxiously calling out something along the lines of my chicken needs help he is sleeping, and my chicken ate paint they’re only treats, then ending with a particularly screechy (and actually understandable) get these people out of here please, he needs his space! After they comply, Paige slowly follows them towards the door, then after the last person has left she turns back to the man as he checks over her dog. With her spare hand, she twists the lock on the door with a quiet click and softly leans back onto it.

Noah,” she says calmly, and starts making her way towards the table. Peanut slowly gets up onto his feet and wags his tail at her, his head nuzzling against her hand as she tickles his ears. With a flick of her wrist he jumps down onto the floor and sits patiently at the door. Paige keeps her eyes set on the man as she rifles through her bag to find the thin file from earlier. She places it on the table in-between them to stop herself from dropping it. “I’m here to-” Paige pauses and rubs her eyes, “kill you- or, well, to give you a choice, sort of. Let me ask you this question,” she trails off into a yawn and she pulls her dark hair loose, blinking at the ceiling, “do you want to- shit, what is with the lighting in this place. How are you still awake? Ah- don’t answer that, actually.” She stretches her arms out languidly. “I’m here to ask you if you want to, uh, die.
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